Good Guitar Books to Help with your projects at

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One of the first books I purchased to learn how to build my first guitar was called Make Your Own Electric Guitar by Melvin Hiscock. You can purchase more of my guitar related book choices HERE!

  1. YES, I remember when I first saw the wood combination on this one. I know that my search was OVER! Because I had a guitar build and the body was a weird color.

    This neck looks and PLAYS amazingly well!

    3 X 3 headstock but with the longer Fender 25.5 ” scale.

    It is part of #0016 Modified TeleWoody with Permanbuco and Ebony pickups and coral topped knobs.

    Now if I can just get some info on the headless neck with the Ambrosia Maple! LOL!

    Woody Woodcasters
    (813) 961-3704

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