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Introduction to building necks at JSC Musical Instruments.

Thank you for following me on this neck build project.  It is my goal to disclose the the process of building guitars at JCSMI as safely as I can.  I do not encourage the use of dangerous shop equipment and believe only experienced and cautious individuals should be handling any dangerous machines. Your life and limbs are far more important than creating your dream guitar.  Be sure to equip your shop and or replace expired first aid kits and fire extinguishers.  If your shop has any source for potential carbon monoxide,  a carbon monoxide detector is also a wise investment.  If there are more than one working in the shop or house,  you may also consider an A.E.D.  Having one will increases the chance for surviving a heart attach.

by Jim Schatz

Guitar photo below
from Woody Woodcasters
using neck from JCSMI.