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Stage 4) Pencil a centerline and prep for truss rod install.

Once you have the neck blank cut out, you need to put a centerline on the blank. This centerline will be used to center the fretboard when gluing and also be used to prep for truss rod installation.
*We are going to discuss how to install the single action heel adjust truss rod here.
We need to drill an adjustment nut hole into the heel of the neck. Before we do this, I drill a reference hole into the top side where the nut adjustment hole will stop. This allows me to insert a single action trust rod into the nut adjustment hole so that I have a visual inspection of my trust rod passing through the adjustment nut hole and lining up with my truss rod centerline. I use a special jig with my router to route the single action truss rod channel. The jig routes a curved channel in the side view. This allows for a curved fillet of wood to be inserted and glued into the channel after the truss rod is installed. A tee slot is then routed into the neck blank near the nut end for the anchor slug of the single action truss rod. I will try and show photos, dimensions and illustrations in an eBook when finished with the building instructional on this blog. Thanks for following! Jim at jcsmi.

Guitar by RAMM Guitars, Neck by JSCMI.