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How I build necks at JCS Musical Instruments

         My goal was to break down the building process into simple steps that I could tackle one at a time. That task became far less daunting when broken down into these smaller steps. The further I got into the process, the more I realized that the guitar necks were the most interesting part of the guitar project. Battling the internal stresses in the wood, glue joint, humidity, string tension, temperature and truss rod behavior, made a neck build very challenging to say the least.

The neck is designed to react to its physical surrounding in the way that you engineer it too. If designed and built correctly, and with a little luck in your selection of materials, truss rod, glued or non-glued fret wire, finishing and type of tuners, your neck should respond properly for years to come. All contribute to the tone, accuracy and stability of the neck.

Photo courtesy of Rick at
Venus Guitars. Neck by JCSMI